Schedule of IPCB’s Administrative Citation Hearing Costs (35 Ill. Adm. Code 108.504)

A respondent who petitions the Board for review of an administrative citation but does not prevail may have to pay not only a statutory fine, but also the hearing costs of (1) the Board and (2) the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency or the unit of local government to which IEPA delegated its administrative citation authority.

The Board’s administrative citation hearing costs consist entirely of the charges for having a court reporting service prepare a transcript of the hearing. A schedule of these court reporting charges (effective 7/1/2017 – 6/30/2020) is provided below.

The Board’s Hearing Costs

Description Cost
Attendance - Hourly charge $60.00 per hour (2.0 hour minimum)
Cost per page - 5th Business day $5.75
Cost per page - 3rd Business day $6.50
Cost per page - 24 Hour Emergency $7.00
ASCII Diskette N/C
Travel time (hourly) N/C
Mileage reimbursement N/C
Cancellation cost of hearing N/C
Late Fee Any transcript received after the requested date will be subject to a 10% penalty.