Mission Statement

The Board’s Mission Statement

The Illinois Environmental Protection Act (Act) was enacted in 1970 for the purpose of establishing a comprehensive State-wide program to restore, protect, and enhance the quality of the environment in our State. To implement this mandate, the Act established the Illinois Pollution Control Board (Board) and accorded it the authority to adopt environmental standards and regulations for the State, and to adjudicate contested cases arising from the Act and from the regulations.

With respect for this mandate, and with recognition for the constitutional right of the citizens of Illinois to enjoy a clean environment and to participate in State decision-making toward that end, the Board dedicates itself to:

  • The establishment of coherent, uniform, and workable environmental standards and regulations that restore, protect, and enhance the quality of Illinois’ environment;
  • Impartial decision-making that resolves environmental disputes in a manner that brings to bear technical and legal expertise, public participation, and judicial integrity;
  • Government leadership and public policy guidance for the protection and preservation of Illinois’ environment and natural resources, so that they can be enjoyed by future generations of Illinoisans.

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