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- March 19, 2015 11:00 a.m. - Chicago 100 W. - Randolph Street Chicago, IL Room 9-040 ANNOUNCEMENTS Chairman Glosser welcomed members of the public and staff. - Adm. - Code 304.122(b) (Water) – No action taken. - v. IEPA (UST-Permit Appeal) – The Board exercised its discretion under Section 57.8(l) of the Environmental Protection Act and directed the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to reimburse petitioner 43.75 percent of its requested legal fees and costs, or $11,049.40, from the Underground Storage Tank Fund. 4-0 Member Keenan voted present PCB 15-157 Gary L. Polchow v. Village of Rankin (Air, Water-Enforcement, Citizens) –The Board found that with minor exceptions, the com...
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