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  • Dr.
  • Deanna Glosser, Chairman
Board Members:Jennifer A.
  • Burke, Jerome D.
  • O’Leary, and Carrie Zalewski
Illinois Pollution Control BoardJames R.
  • Thompson Center
100 W.
  • Randolph, Suite 11-500
Chicago, Illinois 60601(312) 814-3620(312) 814-6032 TDD Illinois Pollution Control Board1021 North Grand Avenue EastP.O. Box 19274Springfield, Illinois 62794-9274(217) 524-8500Web Site: Letter from the ChairmanIn February, the Board took action on rulemakings that generated public interestand comment. Adm. Code 101,108, R 15-20. Subsequent legislative and rulemaking actionsnecessitated the amendment of these rules. Sincerely,Deann...
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