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R14-7 SOS notof pub 09-18-13
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:;:..: IOFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF STATEJESSE WHITE • Secretary of StateSeptember 13, 2013POLLUTION CONTROL BOARDJOHN THERRIAULT ASSISTANT CLERK100 W RANDOLPH ST, STE 11-500CHICAGO, IL 60601Dear JOHN THERRIAULT ASSISTANT CLERKYour rules Listed below met our codification standards and have been published in Volume 37,Issue 38 ofthe Illinois Register, dated 9/20/2013.
  • A comprehensive
description is contained in the Board's opinion and order of September 5, 2013,proposing amendments in docket R14-7 for public comment, which opinion and order isavailable from the address below.
  • The four newly exempted
compounds are one hydrofluoroether and threehydrofluoropol...
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