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No. 404
May 9
Monthly publication of IPCB
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  • Printed by Authority of the State of Illinois, April 25, 1990, 3,700 copies, order #57701.
  • The Board adopted State
equivalents in R89-4 (July 27, 1989).
  • P.A.
  • 86-125 (S.B.
  • 64)
then created a State Fund.
  • The Docket B proposed amendments to 35 Ill. Adm. This rule amends 35 Ill. Adm. Code 215 of the
Board's air pollution regulations. Section 304.106prohibits effluent that contains "settleable solids, floatingdebris, visible oil, grease, scum or sludge solids" and statesthat "[c]olor, odor and turbidity must be reduced to belowobvious levels."In denying the requested relief, the Board noted that itcould not conclude that the economic forces acting upon RockIsland entitled ...
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